SA: Showbag inspections making this year’s show safe for children


An inspection of 218 show bags prior to this year’s Royal Adelaide Show has identified only two items with potential safety issues.

Product safety officers from Consumer and Business Services recently examined 1095 show bag toys and novelty objects to ensure items to be sold met relevant product safety standards.

Business Services and Consumers Minister Gail Gago said in total, safety or labelling issues were raised with six items.

“There were safety concerns with a wooden clock, in which the clock hands and plastic buttons can easily detach and be a hazard for small children, while a plastic handle of a girl’s umbrella exposed a mental part that could also cause injury,” Ms Gago said.

Other items identified include:

  • show bags containing a lip gloss and temporary tattoos that did not display the list of ingredients, as required
  • a bow and arrow set and an magnetic dartboard with darts were not correctly labelled with the mandatory warnings.

“The issues we found with these items have all been addressed and we are pleased the changes will be made to the six identified items before they go on sale.

“We have already dealt with all suppliers, and in every instance have been assured that all packaging and products will be fixed.”

Last year, inspections of 1033 objects yielded five non-complaint items, while in 2013 nine of the 1195 items examined before show bags went on sale were found to be non-complaint.

Ms Gago said show bag suppliers were becoming more compliant every year.

“It is pleasing to see the small number of potentially unsafe items continuing to decrease each year. Suppliers understand the risks and are aware of how important it is to ensure all the show bags we have available for sale in South Australia meet the relevant safety standards.

“This is also a timely reminder for parents and caregivers to check labels on toys and novelty items intended for young children to ensure they are age appropriate.

“Always keep an eye on toys that have small parts or can be easily broken as they can become an ingestion/inhalation hazard to children under three-years old,” Ms Gago said.

Product safety officers will attend the 2015 Royal Adelaide Show, which runs from 4-13 September.

Consumers with product safety concerns should contact CBS on 131 882 or visit

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