Safety warning notice on M Spa Inflatable Spas with 240V control box


The Minister for Small Business, the Honourable Bruce Billson, has published a Safety Warning Notice about M Spa Inflatable Spas. There is a risk of electrocution to consumers due to a failure of insulation between a live part of the heating element and its metallic enclosure.

There have been a number of reported incidents both within Australia and Europe. In Australia the ACCC is aware of at least 10 incidents of electric shocks. In Europe there were two near fatal incidents and two serious injuries.

The spas are also known as:

  • Bubble Silver Cloud Inflatable Spa
  • Lite Silver Cloud Outdoor Inflatable Spa
  • Nest 2 Person Inflatable Spa
  • Alpine Spa
  • Camaro Spa
  • Tuscany Spa.

The Safety Warning Notice also stated that all suppliers have been identified and further recalls are being negotiated. Five recalls have been notified so far and are located on the Recalls Australia Website.

What consumers should do?

  • Stop using the spa immediately. Unplug it from the socket outlet.
  • Disconnect the control box and check the information on the protective cover of the control box or on the spa liner.
  • Examine rating labels for the brand name, model number, double insulation symbol, serial number, approval number and the supplier name.
  • Check if the spa has been recalled by visiting If a voluntary recall is in place, contact your supplier.
  • If a voluntary recall is not in place, email the ACCC at or call the ACCC Infocentre on 1300 302 502, Monday-Friday 8:30am – 8:00pm.

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