Yo-yo water balls

Yo-yo water balls pose a number of safety risks, including strangulation. There is a ban on these products being supplied in Australia.

About yo-yo water balls

Yo-yo water balls and similar products are toys that are thrown and returned to the hand. They usually have a loop on one end of an elastic cord to wear around the finger and a soft synthetic object on the other end. The object attached to the cord may be filled with liquid, air or a novelty item such as a flashing light or it may resemble a cartoon animal.

Risks and injuries

Yo-yo water balls are unsafe as the cord can cause strangulation. The liquid filled centre may also cause illness and skin reactions.

These and similar products have been banned from supply in Australia. The ban applies to toys with an elastic cord capable of extending at least 500mm in length. Be aware that although the cord may initially appear much shorter than this, it may reach or even exceed this length when stretched.

The ban does not apply to outdoor and sporting toys. For example, a ball which is used to practice tennis with an elastic tension cord must be anchored.

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