Exercise bikes

Poorly constructed or older exercise bikes have the potential to cause serious injury. Make sure you buy an exercise bike with guards that cover moving parts such as the flywheel and drive chain.

About exercise bikes

Stationary exercise bikes are covered by a mandatory standard. Although new exercise bikes have a high level of compliance, second-hand or older exercise bicycles, which often have spoke wheels, can be a cause for concern.

Risks and injuries

Poorly constructed seats and seat supports on exercise bikes can cause falls and impalement, resulting in head and limb injuries.

Older exercise bikes with spoke wheels can be dangerous, particularly to small children. Children can get their fingers, feet or toes caught in the chain, sprockets or the spokes of the exercise bike, causing serious injuries.

Buying tips

  • Make sure the exercise bike has safety guards covering any moving parts and that they cannot be easily removed.

Safe use

  • Never remove any safety guards from exercise bikes.
  • If possible, use and store the exercise bike away from young children.
  • Do not allow young children near an exercise bike that is in use.

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