Moveable soccer goals

Moveable soccer goals can cause serious injuries if not installed or anchored correctly. Make sure the goal is manufactured according to the relevant Australian Standard and that it's securely anchored during use.

About moveable soccer goals

A moveable soccer goal is designed to be moved from field to field or on and off a field during practice or a game.

Risks and injuries

Death and serious injury can happen if moveable soccer goals are installed incorrectly or if they are used inappropriately.

Injuries and trauma to the head, neck, chest and limbs can be caused by:

  • instability of the goals
  • goals becoming unanchored
  • goals with inadequate anchoring
  • inappropriate or ineffective installation
  • inappropriate use, such as swinging on goalposts or cross bars.

Numerous deaths in Australia and internationally have been associated with unstable and heavy moveable soccer goals.  In Australia there have been at least seven deaths and one incident resulting in the person becoming paraplegic. Unfortunately, the victims are often young children and teenagers.

Buying tips

  • Check that the moveable goal  is made according to the Australian Standard AS 4866.1-2007

  • Consider whether permanent soccer goals—any soccer goals that can be fixed by concrete or other material to ground, or semi-permanent soccer goals—any soccer goals designed to be inserted into the ground or a ground sleeve, would suit your needs better.

Safe use

  • Anchor the moveable soccer goal securely into the ground. It takes 200 kilograms to properly anchor a full size portable soccer goal, which equals 10 stakes, 12 bags of sand, or 10 bags of cement mix.
  • Check that the goal is anchored correctly. Ensure there are no children around the goal, shake the it using both hands and push it from behind. If the goal falls, don’t use it until it has been properly secured.
  • Ensure that no one climbs, swings or plays on a moveable goal.
  • Store moveable goals safely when not in use.

Video - Anchor, check, respect