Motorcycle helmets

Motorcyclists risk serious injury or death if their helmet is unsafe or incorrectly fitted. Always make sure you buy a motorcycle helmet that meets the relevant safety standard.

About motorcycle helmets

Motorcycle helmets feature a:

  • hard outer shell
  • soft inner shell to absorb impact energy
  • retention system, usually a strap fitted to the lower jaw area that ensures the helmet stays in place.

Some include additional features such as visors, ventilation holes and face shields.

Risks and injuries

Motorcyclists may suffer death or serious injury in the event of an accident if the motorcycle helmet they are wearing is:

  • unsafe and does not adequately protect their head
  • not correctly fitted to their head.

Buying tips

  • Look for or obtain assurance that the helmet meets the relevant Australian safety standard.
  • Try the helmet on and check that you can see well out of the face opening or visor.
  • Check that it fits snugly and is not too heavy on the neck.
  • Ensure the retention system fits snugly under your chin and is comfortable.

Safe use

  • Never wear a helmet that has been involved in an accident—discard it.

  • Do not apply decals or adhesive labels to the helmet without checking with the manufacturer first.

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