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Various X4 type hearing protection earmuffs:

  • X4A 3M PELTOR Headband Earmuffs Trade – item id: AT019317406
  • X4A 3M PELTOR Headband earmuffs – item id: XA007707947
  • X4B Neckband Earmuffs – item id: UU008197848
  • X4P3G/E 3M PELTOR Cap Attached Earmuffs – item id: UU010818886/ XA007707970
  • X4P5E/G 3M PELTOR Helmet Attached Earmuffs – item id: AT010613571

Item id is displayed on the product packaging.

photograph of Peltor X4 earmuffs
photograph of Peltor X4P3
photograph of X4 earmuff model ID and production date code

Reasons the product is recalled

Affected earmuffs may crack on the exterior surface of the cups and reduce the hearing protection effectiveness.

The hazards to consumers

There is a risk of over-exposure to noise and possible hearing damage depending on the environment the earmuffs are used in.

What consumers should do

1. Consumers should immediately stop using the product and locate the model ID and manufacturing date printed on the outside of the earmuff cup. If your earmuff is an affected model and the manufacturing date is between 03/2020 and 09/2022 continue to step 2.
2. Contact the place of purchase to arrange return of the earmuff and exchange for a replacement product (if available), alternative product, credit or refund.

For more information contact 3M by phone on 1800 888 907 Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm or visit the 3M website.

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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