GT Bicycles, LLC — GT LaBomba bicycles and frames

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GT LaBomba bicycles and frames.

Model years 2019-23.

Products have "LaBomba" painted on the frame top-tube.

Sold in 24-inch and 26-inch sizes and in various colours.

Photograph of GT LaBomba bike in black
Photograph of GT LaBomba in light blue
Photograph of GT LaBomba in dark blue
Identifying features


G23452U10OS, G23159M10OS, G23250U10OS, G23251U10MD, G23251U10LG, G23252U10MD, G23252U10LG, G23271U10MD, G23271U10LG, G23352U10MD, G23352U10LG, G23150U10OS, G23151U10MD, G23151U10LG, G23152U10MD, G23152U10LG, G23280U10OS, G23381U10MD, G23381U10LG, G23381U20MD, G23382U10MD, G23382U10LG, G23382U20MD, G23382U20LG

Reasons the product is recalled

The frames should have 2 welds connecting the down tube and head tube. Recalled frames only have one, making the connection weaker.

If the weld becomes damaged, the headtube may separate from the frame.

The hazards to consumers

There is a risk of accident and serious injury to the user if the head tube separates from the frame while the bicycle is being used.

Incidents have occurred where the downtube has partially or fully separated from the bicycle frame.

What consumers should do

Consumers should stop riding their bicycle immediately.

Consumers should return their bicycle to an authorised GT Bicycles dealer to have the frame replaced.

For more information, or to find your local GT Bicycles dealer, consumers can contact PSI Cycling by email at or by phone on 03 8327 8080.

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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