Macpac Retail Pty Ltd—Macpac Stainless Steel Bottle 750 mL

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750 mL stainless steel drink bottle with black plastic screw-on lid
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Reasons the product is recalled

An aluminium threaded insert is glued into the neck of the stainless body of the bottle. In one reported instance, it appears that the alloy insert has been subject to corrosion, rendering it brittle and causing a piece of the alloy insert to fall into the bottle.

The hazards to consumers

Should a piece of the threaded insert fall into the bottle, there is the possibility of it being ingested.

What consumers should do

Stop using the bottle immediately and return it to Macpac for an exchange or refund. Contact your local Macpac store or our customer service team on 1800128 504 for further information.

Traders who sold this product

Only available in Macpac retail outlets

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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