Exercise cycles...Standard The ACCC concluded its review of the mandatory standard for exercise cycles on 19 October 2017 and the standard remains unchanged. The mandatory standard for exercise cycles prescribes requirements for construction and design. It also mandates instructions for use of the exer
12 Dec 2017
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23 Dec 2015
Moveable soccer goals...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes the requirements for the construction, testing and labelling of moveable soccer goals supplied after 31 December 2010. ...About moveable soccer goals...The mandatory standard applies to a moveable soccer goal that: is freestanding designed to
23 Feb 2017
NSW Calls for review of safety requirements on trampolines...News 17 Aug 2010 The NSW Government is calling for a review of existing safety standards for trampolines after the NSW Product Safety Committee found unacceptable hazards and dangers associated with some products in the domestic market. Fair
17 Aug 2010
ACCC urges Australians to put child safety first with treadmills...News 4 Feb 2011 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission today urged parents and suppliers to put child safety first with fitness equipment, particularly treadmills. "Treadmills are a convenient way for adults to stay fit, but
04 Feb 2011
Concern over treadmills after product safety campaign...News 10 May 2011 Treadmills being sold without adequate warning labels were a major concern following an intensive product safety campaign carried out by Western Australian Consumer Protection. The three-month campaign from November 2010 to the en
10 May 2011
Treadmill warning...News 25 Jan 2011 The ACT Commissioner for Fair Trading, Mr Brett Phillips, is reminding consumers of the need to be aware of the dangers that some household items can pose to children. Mr Phillips is issuing the warning following a recent incident in which a young Canberra child’s l
25 Jan 2011
Basketball rings & backboards...Standard The mandatory standard covers requirements for safety marking and installation instructions for basketball rings and backboards....About basketball rings...The mandatory safety standard was last updated on 19 December 2017. Basketball rings are circular rings usually
18 Nov 2019
Treadmills...Standard The ACCC has recently concluded its review of the safety standard for treadmills and the standard remains unchanged. The mandatory standard for treadmills applies to exercising equipment that consists of a conveyor belt rotated either manually or by a motor.  The user will normall
23 Oct 2017
Treadmills...Page Friction burns are a common risk when using a treadmill, including burns serious enough to require skin grafts. Make sure you buy a treadmill that features a safety stop switch and always follow the manufacturer's instructions....About treadmills...Treadmills are exercise equipment used for
30 Jul 2016
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