Innovations Direct Pty Ltd — Treadmill with Shock Absorption...Recall 2018/16642 5 Mar 2018 Treadmill with Shock Absorption H110 x L129 x W56 cm, 13.5 kg Foldup for storage: W56 x D21 x H100 cm Height adjustable handle 1.0-1.2 m Mini computer calculating distance, calories, speed and time scan This tre
05 Mar 2018
Johnson Health Tech — Matrix TF30 Treadmill...Recall 2019/17691 18 Jul 2019 Electric treadmill Matrix TF30 MTM0609-11 The treadmill does not comply with the mandatory standard 'Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) (Treadmills) Regulations 2009'. The treadmill does not have the required wa
18 Jul 2019
Regent Sporting Goods — Regent 330 Pedometer and Regent 340 Step and Distance Pedometer...Recall 2019/17685 17 Jul 2019 Regent 330 Step Pedometer Regent 340 Step and Distance Pedometer The battery compartment may not be adequately secured with a screw in some instances, and the button batteries in the
17 Jul 2019
Wholesale Diving Supplies Pty Ltd — Adreno Eden Speargun...Recall 2019/17503 20 May 2019 Adreno Eden Speargun Gun length range from 90cm to 130cm in 10cm increments The plastic speargun trigger mechanism can wear against the stainless steel sear and sear holds, and release the spear. If the speargun is
20 May 2019
Anaconda Group Pty Ltd — Body Glove Adult Focus Snorkel 2.0...Recall 2019/17959 11 Dec 2019 Silicone Adult Snorkel Article 90132143 Barcode 9341235310566 The snorkel may become blocked by the silicone washer designed to prevent water flowing into the snorkel when submerged. This may result in airflow b
11 Dec 2019
Beretta Australia Pty Ltd — Tikka .308 Calibre Ammunition for a Centrefire Rifle...Recall 2019/17903 20 Nov 2019 Tikka branded centrefire rifle ammunition in calibre .308 Win, loaded with a with 150 grain soft point lead projectile All 20 and 50 cartridge packets and 200 cartridge in plastic containers
20 Nov 2019
Rebel Store Ltd — Torros Pro38 F.I.D Bench...Recall 2019/17401 19 Mar 2019 Adjustable fitness bench in grey-black colour. Only benches with batch numbers ZFPRO38180306 and ZFPRO38180803 are affected. The batch number is located on the underside of the front foot beam or rear foot beam. PLU 347949 The w
19 Mar 2019
Weatherbeeta Group t/as Horseland — Collegiate Saddle...Recall 2018/17153 20 Nov 2018 Leather and synthetic horse saddles Product code Collegiate Model Name 800778 COLLEGIATE ALUMNI CLOSE CONTACT SADDLE BLACK 16.5" 800779 COLLEGIATE ALUMNI CLOSE CONTACT SADDLE BLACK 17" 800780 COLLEGIATE ALUMNI CLOSE C
20 Nov 2018
Superbuy Holdings Pty Ltd t/as Pushys Online — Kobie Cycling CO2 Threaded Cartridge 16g...Recall 2018/17151 18 Nov 2018 Kobie Cycling CO2 gold-coloured threaded cartridge 16g For use in re-inflating bicycle tyres that have been punctured. CO 2 16g cartridges may explode when exposed to sunlight and tem
18 Nov 2018
Zoggs Australia — Zoggs Fogbuster Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaner (extended recall)...Recall 2018/16829 25 Jun 2018 Combined goggle lens cleaner and anti-fog solution. This recall has been updated. Extra batches have been added to the recall. Batches 305R, 105R, 105N, 301N The product contains acetaldehyde and
25 Jun 2018