Medifab Ltd — Shuttle Discovery with 4 Wheel Verve Stroller

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Shuttle Discovery with 4 Wheel Verve Stroller

Product Code: 2006-0040-000

ARTG 160110
(RT & EJ Mascull T/a Medifab - Disability vehicle, push-chair)
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Product Code: 2006-0040-000

Reasons the product is recalled

A gap may develop at the folding joint. If the Nyloc anti-vibration nut is over-tightened, it will damage the T bolt within the folding joint leading to a greater gap, presenting an increased risk of finger entrapment.

The hazards to consumers

The gap may cause a finger entrapment hazard for the user or others, potentially causing a serious injury.

What consumers should do

Medifab will contact all affected customers in writing.

Medifab has published an enhanced User Manual, a copy can be downloaded from Medifab’s website:

Users are requested to check the stroller frame as follows:

Without a child or seat in the stroller frame, and with the joint locked, check the frame for movement in the folding joint. If a gap greater than 2mm is present at the folding joint, please check that the T bolt has not been damaged.

If the plastic shroud covering the head of the T bolt is broken or missing, please stop using the product and contact the Shuttle Discovery distributor, health care provider or Medifab to arrange the fitting of a replacement T bolt.

If the T bolt is not damaged follow the maintenance guidance provided in the updated User Manual on Medifab's website to tighten the Nyloc domed nut.

For further information, contact Medifab Australia on 03 6427 0105.


Where the product was sold

New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia

Responsible regulator

Therapeutic Goods Administration is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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