Pirelli Tyres Australia Pty Ltd — 28-622 P ZERO Race TLR and TLR Classic bicycle tyres

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28-622 P ZERO Race TLR and TLR Classic tubeless bicycle tyres

Recalled models include the following IP code and UPC numbers. You can find this information on the tyre packaging.
TLR tyres:
IP code – 3984300
UPC/barcode – 8019227398434

TLR Classic tyres:
IP code – 4149600
UPC/barcode – 8019227414967

Recalled TLR and TLR Classic tyres are also marked with production date codes between 1023 and 2423 on the side wall of the tyre. 

Pirelli TLR tyre packaging
Pirelli TLR tyre
Pirelli TLR Classic tyre packaging
Pirelli TLR Classic tyre

Reasons the product is recalled

The tyre beading may separate (unseat) from the rim. This will cause the tyre to immediately and completely deflate.  

The hazards to consumers

Risk of serious injury or death if the tyre separates from the rim and causes the user to lose control of the bicycle or cause an accident.

What consumers should do

Consumers should stop using the tyres immediately and check if they are affected by the recall.
Consumers should contact the place of purchase or Pirelli for replacement of the tyres free of charge or a refund.
Consumers can contact Pirelli by emailing contactcentretyres.au@pirelli.com

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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