Polaris Industries Australia—Polaris Sportsman 850 XP All Terrain Vehicle

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Polaris Sportsman 850 All Terrain Vehicle
Quantity affected:126 total
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Model #'s A09ZX8XAL, A09ZX8XAS, A09ZX8XAQ, A09ZX8XAR, A09ZX8XAG

Other identifying numbers

Model #'s A09ZX8XAL, A09ZX8XAS, A09ZX8XAQ, A09ZX8XAR, A09ZX8XAG

What are the defects?

Crankcase Breather Valve—possible obstruction requires replacement

What are the hazards?

If operated in sub-freezing temperatures for repeated, short-run periods of time, it is possible for excess crankcase moisture to collect and freeze in the outlet port of the crankcase ventilation valve assembly. If this occurs, the crankcase pressure could increase leading to the valve cover gasket leaking oil onto the exhaust pipe causing a potential fire hazard.

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Contact their nearest Authorized Polaris Dealer.

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Polaris Dealers

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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