Wholesale Diving Supplies Pty Ltd t/as Adreno Ocean Outfitters — Omer Invictus Spearguns

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Omer Invictus HF Camouflage Speargun
Omer Invictus Carbon Speargun

Triggers marked with an 'M' are not affected by this recall.

Photograph of the Omer Invictus Camouflage speargun
Photograph of the Omer Invictus Carbon speargun
Photograph of triggers not affected by the recall, marked with 'M'

Reasons the product is recalled

The trigger mechanism may jam and fail to release the spear shaft.

The hazards to consumers

If the user attempts to release the jammed trigger without proper instruction a misfire may occur, leading to injury. 

What consumers should do

Consumers should inspect the speargun's trigger. If the trigger is not marked with an M, consumers should stop using the speargun and either:

1. Return the speargun to an Adreno store for repair,
2. Contact Adreno to have the replacement part and instructions sent out, or
3. Contact Adreno to organise to send the product to an Adreno store for repair.

Contact Details: For more information, please contact Wholesale Diving Supplies Pty Ltd by phone on 07 3391 4905 or email customer service on sales@spearfishing.com.au

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Adreno Ocean Outfitters stores

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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