Children's nightwear

Children can suffer severe burns if their nightwear catches fire. Make sure you check the clothing label for information about fire danger.

About childrens nightwear

Children's nightwear covers items in the sizes 00–14, including pyjamas, nightdresses and nightshirts, dressing gowns and bathrobes, loose boxer shorts, all-in-ones, and infant sleep bags.

Sewing patterns

Patterns are templates that are used to trace the shape of the garment onto a piece of fabric. The fabric can then be cut to size and sewn together to form a garment.

All patterns for children's nightwear must carry a safety warning label about the hazards associated with flammable fabrics and nightwear styles.

Risks and injuries

Children are at risk of severe burns or death if their nightwear catches fire.

Buying tips

  • Do not choose nightwear labelled high fire danger if your child may be exposed to open heat sources.

Safe use

  • If you choose garments with a low fire danger label, remember that these can still be flammable.