Basketball rings & backboards

People are at risk of serious injury when using a poorly-secured basketball ring for slam dunks. Always make sure your basketball ring is installed appropriately and carries the mandatory safety warnings.

About basketball rings and backboards

Basketball is a popular recreational activity for children and adults. Playing basketball with friends and family in the backyard is fun, although users are at risk of injury if the basketball ring is not installed correctly, or when users slam dunk or swing from the basketball ring.

Risks and injuries

Serious injuries and death can occur if:

  • users slam dunk on a basketball ring that is installed inappropriately
  • a basketball ring is installed onto brick walls around the home, such as over garage doors, where brick structures are weak.

The practice of slam dunking places the full weight of the player onto the ring. Serious injuries can occur when basketball rings and backboards are attached to brick walls and posts that are unable to cope with the stress of slam dunking. These structures can collapse, exposing the player to falling bricks, posts, rings and backboards. The potential hazard of a collapsing wall is not always apparent, particularly when the basketball ring is attached to a seemingly solid brick wall.

To minimise these risks there is a mandatory safety standard for these products.

Buying tips

  • Check that the product or the product packaging has the mandatory safety warnings attached.
  • Ensure the backboard is marked with a permanent safety warning about the dangers of swinging on the basketball ring.

Safe use

  • Basketball rings and backboards should not be installed on brick walls as they are at risk of collapsing. You should consult a structural engineer if there is any doubt about the safety or stability of your installation.
  • Never hang or swing on a basketball ring.

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