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Additional advice from the ACCC dated 22 November 2023: The Assistant Treasurer has issued a Safety Warning Notice that contains information about the risks involved with the LG batteries affected by this recall and advises consumers to immediately shut down affected LG batteries until remedied.

These Energy Storage System (ESS) Home Batteries are installed in residential energy solar systems which allow owners to capture and store energy from solar panels. The batteries are installed in LG and non-LG branded residential energy solar systems and possibly in unbranded systems. However, each LG battery is marked with a unique serial number, which can be used to identify affected batteries.
Affected LG battery models include:
• RESU3.3
• RESU6.5
• RESU10
• RESU13
• RESU7H Type-R
• RESU10H Type-C
• RESU10H Type-R
• RESU10H Type-R (Secondary)
• EM048063P3S2 (Standalone Gen2 1P)
• EM048063P3S4 (Standalone Gen2 1P)
• EM048063P3S5 (Standalone Gen2 1P)
• EM048126P3S7 (Standalone Gen2 2P)
• EM048126P3S8 (Standalone Gen2 2P)

Currently known systems that might contain affected batteries include LG branded RESU systems, SolaX Power Station, SolaX X-Cabinet, Opal Storage, Redback SH5000, Red Earth Sunrise, Red Earth Drop Bear, Eguana Evolve and VARTA Pulse Neo.

The affected batteries are equipped with cells containing electrodes from all production lots manufactured from:
• 21 January 2016 to 28 March 2017; and
• 14 September 2018 to 30 June 2019.

Batteries with cells manufactured between 29 March 2017 and 13 September 2018 are also subject to existing product safety recalls PRA 2020/18529 and PRA 2022/19420 because of the fire hazards they pose. These recalls require affected batteries to be switched off until interim or final remedies are applied, with financial compensations for consumers for higher energy bills due to switch offs or interim remedies.

Affected Battery Models comprising of RESU and S/A Gen2 models. RESU models are LG branded systems. S/A Gen 2 models are installed in non-LG branded systems.
Identifying features

Affected batteries can be identified using their serial numbers at https://www.lgessbattery.com/au/home-battery/checkSN.lg.

Visit https://www.lgessbattery.com/au and click on ‘Electrical Safety Recall’ for information on how to identify your battery’s serial number.


Reasons the product is recalled

Affected batteries may overheat and catch on fire. 

The hazards to consumers

If a battery overheats, it may catch on fire and cause injury or death and/or damage to property. Incidents have occurred and caused damage to property. 

What consumers should do

1. You should take urgent action in response to this recall, due to the serious fire risk associated with these batteries.  

2. Visit https://www.lgessbattery.com/au, click on ‘Electrical Safety Recall’ and follow the instructions to find out if your battery is affected by the recall.  

3. If you need help identifying affected batteries, immediately contact LGESAU by phone on 1300 677 273 or by email to productau@lgensol.com.

4. Consumers should be aware that LGESAU is rolling out diagnostic software remotely where possible, and otherwise via technician site visit. The software is designed to identify and shut down batteries at risk of overheating.

5. If you have an affected battery and you are yet to receive diagnostic software either remotely or from a technician site visit, please switch the battery off and contact LGESAU to schedule a technician site visit to install the diagnostic software.  To minimise the risk of fire, please keep the battery switched off until the diagnostic software is installed. If you are unsure how to switch your battery off, please contact LGESAU for assistance.

6. If your affected battery is a RESU7H or RESU10H model,  and you are unsure if your battery has received the software remotely, you should switch off your battery and contact LGESAU to confirm whether diagnostic software has already been installed remotely.

7. Once your battery has received diagnostic software, you may switch it back on. If you are unsure how to switch your battery back on, please contact LGESAU for assistance.

8. If the diagnostic software shuts down your battery, contact LGESAU by phone on 1300 677 273 or by email to productau@lgensol.com. LGESAU will replace or provide a full refund for batteries shut down by the diagnostic software and remove those batteries.

9. LGESAU will also provide financial compensation to consumers to offset any increase to electricity bills due to switched off or shutdown batteries. Further information will be provided via email or mail correspondence to affected customers.

For technical questions about the affected batteries, contact LGESAU by phone on 1300 178 064.

Regulator Contacts

For technical questions about the recall, contact Energy Safe Victoria.
For all other queries related to the recall, contact the ACCC and quote the PRA number for this recall (PRA 2022/19550).

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AGL Energy
Cool or Cosy
Eguana Technologies
Energy Australia
Krannich Solar
One Stop Warehouse
Red Earth Energy Storage
Solar Juice
Sonepar (as Solar Plus Solutions)
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Various residential solar energy storage system retailers 

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