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The Product is a water flotation device consisting of an outer inflatable ring, an inner inflatable ring and a plastic seat connected to the inner ring. The child sits on the seat and is supported in the water by the two rings. The Product is constructed of heavy duty PVC plastic (VyluxTM). The Product is known as: (a) Zoggs Trainer Seat – Age 3 to 12 months – Product Code 302212; and (b) Zoggs Trainer Seat – Age 12 to 18 months – Product Code 302213.
Product codes are found at the bottom right corner of the rear panel of the Product’s packaging, as part of the barcode. Only some units of the following batches are affected: Batch number 301J, Batch number 302D, Batch number 112L. The relevant batches have been available for sale to the public since July 2006. The product is sold in various major retailers, sports stores and some aquatic centres.
Zoggs Trainer Seat
Identifying features
Batch numbers can be found on the bottom panel of the product packaging, and on the product itself.

Other identifying numbers

Batch numbers can be found on the bottom panel of the product packaging, and on the product itself.

Reasons the product is recalled

Some units have a weakened or damaged plastic weld in the construction of the seat. When the product is bearing weight, the fault may result in the weld “running” or tearing and may cause the seat to fail. If the seat fails, there is a risk that the child may slip through the seat and into the water.

The hazards to consumers


What consumers should do

Affected customers should return relevant units of the product directly to Zoggs Australia, Reply Paid 4012, Milperra DC, NSW, 1891
Alternatively, affected customers can contact Zoggs Australia directly on telephone number 02 9453 2000 to make other arrangements for return of the Product. Customers should not return products to retail stores.


Zoggs Australia Pty Ltd

Where the product was sold


Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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