Baby bath aids

This mandatory standard applies to bath aids designed to support a baby while being bathed.

About baby bath aids

Baby bath aids are typically used in adult sized baths but can also come with or be shaped into baby baths.

Baby bath aids include:

  • bath seats
  • cradles
  • hammocks
  • recliners
  • supports
  • rings
  • any supports that are integral to the bath (e.g. a combination bath and change table that has a bath with a support moulded into the walls or base of the bath).

Bath aids are typically made of plastic, rubber or foam but can come in fabric supported on a frame and may have a base that swivels. Some aids also have toys attached to them.

The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the labelling of a baby bath aid and its packaging.

Mandatory standard

The Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) (Baby Bath Aids) Regulations 2005 sets out mandatory requirements for baby bath aids.

Key requirements

The listed requirements aim to give suppliers a general idea of what is required by the mandatory standard. Suppliers must not rely on this information as a complete guide to compliance.

Labelling of the aid and labelling

Baby bath aids must be permanently marked with a warning notice with the following words:

WARNING — Children have DROWNED while using bath aids. This is NOT a safety device. ALWAYS keep baby within arm’s reach. NEVER leave baby in care of children.

The warning notice must include:

  • The word WARNING must be in capital letters and at least 10 mm high
  • The words DROWNED, NOT, ALWAYS AND NEVER must be in capital letters and at least 5 mm high
  • The remaining words must be at least 2.5 mm high.

In addition, 2 safety alert symbols must be located immediately to the left and right of the words of the warning notice. The triangles must:

  • be equilateral (all sides with equal length)
  • have a base of at least 30 mm
  • have an exclamation mark inside it.

Below is an example ONLY of the wording required on the warning label. Labelling must be in accordance with the requirements of the mandatory standard.

Warning notice label must be:

  • permanently affixed to the baby bath aid and any packaging
  • prominently and clearly displayed
  • in a contrasting colour to the baby bath aid and packaging.

Permanent means the warning should remain legible and attached to the product for the life of the product and must not run, fade or be removable. They need to withstand regular use in warm, soapy water.

Paper labels or similar are not suitable as they can easily be removed and are not resistant to water and fading.

Contrasting means the colour of the warning label must not blend into the background.

Placement of the label

There are specific requirements for placing the warning labels.  Labels must be:

  • located on the upper surface of the baby bath aid
  • visible to a person when the baby is in the baby bath aid.

Warning labels on packaging

A  warning label on the baby bath aid’s packaging is not required if the packaging is:

  • colourless
  • transparent
  • the warning label on the baby bath aid is clearly legible through the packaging.

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