COVID-19: Product safety at home


With many Australians housebound and shopping online during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important you and your household avoid being exposed to unsafe products.

Check that the products you’re buying online are safe, and look out for hidden hazards lurking in your home.

Before you buy

  • Know who you’re buying from. Check online ratings and reviews, which may indicate any safety issues other consumers have experienced, including being scammed. Check out the latest advice on Scamwatch.
  • Check Product Safety Australia for Australian product recalls and visit the OECD GlobalRecalls portal for international recalls.
  • Check if the product needs to meet Australian mandatory safety standards or is banned in Australia.
  • Take time to read safety warnings and instructions, including any minimum age markings. Contact the seller if you still have questions about safety.

After you buy

  • Examine the product, and read and follow any further safety instructions carefully.
  • Speak up if you find a safety issue. You can report unsafe products to the ACCC and your local consumer protection agency.
  • If possible, consider registering your product with the manufacturer so that you can be immediately contacted about recalls and other safety information.

Look for hidden dangers in the home

Check the latest product recalls

Did you know that millions of individual products are recalled every year? Spending more time at home is a great opportunity to check if any recalled products are lurking around.

Risks to children

If you’re caring for children while working from home, it can be challenging to watch their every move. Look out for products, furniture and fittings that could pose risks of serious injury, illness and death.

Well winter safety tips

As the weather cools down follow our Well winter safety tips for more information on dealing with hidden home hazards.

More information

ACCC advice to consumers on COVID-19 (coronavirus)