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23 Dec 2015
Renault—Scenic II—Steering ECU Reprogram...Recall 2009/11194 2 Nov 2009 Renault Scenic II Target number: 457 From VIN No VF1JM1NEA60640112 to VIN No VF1JM1NE660640011 From VIN No VF1JM1NOA60636319 to VIN number VF1JM1NO670643428 Note: Not all vehicles within the above range are affected. Target number:
02 Nov 2009
Renault Australia—KANGOO II (X61) transformed by GRUAU...Recall 2016/15388 0C4F 16 May 2016 Campaign Number: 0C4F KANGOO II (X61) transformed by GRUAU KANGOO II (X61) transformed by GRUAU Risk of rear bench seat backrest mounting bolts breaking. Risk of noise or detachment of the rear bench seat backre
16 May 2016
Renault Australia—Renault Trafic III (X82) Vehicles...Recall 2016/15387 0C91 16 May 2016 Recall Campaign: 0C91 Renault Trafic III (X82) Vehicles Renault Trafic III (X82) Vehicles There is a risk of the passenger airbag mounting screws being absent. There is risk of improper passenger airbag deployment
16 May 2016
Renault—Laguna II...Recall 2003/6201 20 May 2003 Some vehicles may not have Child Restraint Anchorages (CRAs) fitted, or the CRAs may be incorrectly fitted. Owners of affected vehicles should urgently contact any Renault Dealer to arrange for inspection and possible rectification of the vehicle. This w
20 May 2003
Renault—Clio...Recall 2003/6278 30 Jun 2003 Campaign OAAH Some Front Suspension Arms on Renault Clio vehicles may be out of specification. This condition is indicated by the fabrication marking engraved on the front left and right hand suspension arms. Contact your nearest Renault Dealer to arrange for
30 Jun 2003
Renault—Laguna Vehicles...Recall 2003/6409 13 Aug 2003 Campaign OAC2 VF1BG000A10607667 to VF1BG000A20612981, VF1BG000520607668 to VF1BG000525948956, VF1KG000A20608656 to VF1KG000A20612487. Some Injection Computers on the affected vehicles may be subject to irregular programming, which may result in uni
13 Aug 2003
Renault—Scenic Vehicles...Recall 2003/6600 17 Nov 2003 Some windscreens may have been fitted to vehicles, where the transparency is below that permitted by ADR. The actual transparency is in the order of 64%. Contact your authorised Renault Dealer. Vehicle Distributors Australia Pty Ltd Nationally...Depar
17 Nov 2003
Renault—Scenic RX4...Recall 2002/5236 8 Mar 2002 Campaign to replace the front anti-roll bar clamps. VF1JAB30E10605331 to VF1JAB30E10606888. In extreme circumstances the anti-roll bar clamp could break. A noise from the front suspension could be apparent under this condition. Please contact the Service
08 Mar 2002
Renault—Scenic II...Recall 2006/8421 3 Apr 2006 Renault - Scenic ll VF1JM050A40623186 to VF1JM050A50630867 VF1JM050A0631103 to VF1JM050A50635325 VF1JM050640623196 to VF1JM050650630855 VF1JM050650631101 to VF1JM050650633835 VF1JM050650634620 to VF1JM050650634656 VF1JM050A40623186 - VF1JM050A50630867. VF
03 Apr 2006
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