Honda Australia Motorcycle and Power Equipment Pty Ltd — Honda EU22i Generator...Recall 2019/17616 7EP 2 Jul 2019 EU22i Generator portable 240 Volt power generator with 2200 Watt output Used for powering 240 Volt tools and equipment where mains power is not available Frame Number EAMT‐1000001 to 126558
02 Jul 2019
TradeTools Pty Ltd — AGP Dust Extractor Wet & Dry with 1200W Outlet...Recall 2018/16543 25 Jan 2018 AGP Dust Extractor Wet & Dry with 1200W Outlet Product Code: DE25 The connector for the dust bin vibrating “filter shaker” motor has been incorrectly assembled. If the dust bin is removed without first d
25 Jan 2018
GP & GF Hill Pty Ltd — Venco Direct Drive and Venco Number 7 Pottery Wheels...Recall 2019/17776 21 Oct 2019 Venco Direct Drive Supplied between 2006 and 2019 Venco Number 7 Pottery Wheels Supplied between 1999 and 2007 Craft machinery used by commercial potters, schools and educational institutions, an
21 Oct 2019
GP & GF Hill Pty Ltd — No3 & No5 Standard Cone Drive Wheels...Recall 2018/16944 20 Sep 2018 Craft machinery used by commercial potters, schools, TAFEs and hobbyists. No3 wheel and No5 (speed lock) wheel may fail due to breakage of conductors inside the supply cord’s inner and outer insulation due to fl
20 Sep 2018
Gregory Machinery Pty Ltd — Woodman DP-CH-18/1 Floor and Bench Drill Press Models...Recall 2018/17012 19 Sep 2018 Heavy duty 16 speed drill press The Drill Press has exposed wires and terminals on the limit switch inside the pulley cover. Possible electric shock, serious injury or death. Stop using the
19 Sep 2018
Total Tools Importing — 3350mm Sheet Panel Lifter...Recall 2019/17761 4 Sep 2019 3350mm Sheet Panel Lifter Used to hold sheet panels up in the air to a maximum of 3.35m with a weight capacity of 65kg, reducing the need for 2 people to complete tasks that require lifting panels. 9328225045004 ..124522 H
04 Sep 2019
Metal Manufacturers t/as Repelec Aust — ARMM800 Trolley Jack...Recall 2018/17214 18 Dec 2018 2000 Kg Trolley Jack - each Jack has a serial number indicating production batch number. 230 affected Jacks. ARMM800A On certain Jacks, the supplied label does not comply with the mandatory standard ‘Consumer G
18 Dec 2018
Castrol Australia Pty Ltd — Castrol Red Rubber Grease 500gm...Recall 2016/15816 22 Dec 2016 This product is a grease formulated to be compatible with natural rubber components in a range of cars, light commercial vehicles and any other vehicle using rubber components, particularly brakes and clutch hyd
22 Dec 2016
Hazard Systems Pty Ltd — Rechargeable LED Work / Utility Lamp...Recall 2016/15673 13 Oct 2016 A portable, magnetic mountable, LED work / utility lamp powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Due to a suspected manufacturing issue with one of the components, the product may overheat and present ri
13 Oct 2016
Makita Australia Pty Ltd — 185mm Dustless Circular Saw model 5057KB...Recall 2016/15653 28 Sep 2016 Makita 185mm Dustless Circular Saw When cutting at a 45 degrees angle, the blade cover does not open fully. If it is forced open by the operator the blade cover may become stuck and expose the spinning b
28 Sep 2016