Carcinogenic aromatic amines in dyed textiles...Publication 1 Aug 2015 ACCC analytical survey of carcinogenic aromatic amines in dyed textile articles in direct and prolonged contact with the skin Final report August 2015 2 June 2015 Contents 1. Background ..............................................
01 Aug 2015
Textiles recalled after ACCC tests reveal high levels of hazardous azo dyes...News 16 May 2014 The ACCC identified a number of items as containing unacceptable concentrations of azo dyes. The ACCC has negotiated 11 recalls of 35 product lines with the affected suppliers. Recall information More informa
16 May 2014
Consultation for options to limit consumer exposure to hazardous azo dyes...News 24 Feb 2015 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is considering options to limit consumer exposure to hazardous azo dyes in certain clothing, textiles and leather goods. A consultation regulation impac
24 Feb 2015
Azo dyes...Page Azo dyes are synthetic dyes used in a variety of consumer goods including foods, cosmetics, carpets, clothes, leather and textiles....Risks and injuries...A small proportion of azo dyes contain, or can break down to form, aromatic amines. Some aromatic amines, such as benzidine, 3,3’-dimethyl
12 Apr 2018
Villeroy & Boch Australia Pty Ltd — Villeroy & Boch Essentials Green and Brown Bamboo Placemats...Recall 2021/19068 20 Jul 2021 Villeroy & Boch Essentials Bamboo Placemats Available in green and brown 35-9040-0005 E Bamboo Placemat dark green 02 and 35-9040-0009 E Bamboo Placemat brown 08 The dye used
20 Jul 2021
Harris Scarfe Pty Ltd—Men's Black Button Fly Jean...Recall 2014/14490 18 Dec 2014 X4UJC23 Men's Black Button Fly Jean X4UJC23 X4UJC23 The dye used in the manufacture of this jean may have contained hazardous azo-colourants. Expert authorities classify these azo-colourants as carcinogens and recommend e
18 Dec 2014
Cotton On Clothing Pty Ltd—Men's "Spitfire" Denim Jeans...Recall 2014/14106 15 May 2014 New Black and Holy Black Jeans Style no 3900548 P/O Nos. 96703, 96747, 84162, 99374, 122094, 96685, 85749, 78921, 99374, 84172, 70537, 76188, 79229, 84175, 122087, 70536, 122794, 122811, 118057, 122818 Recalled prod
15 May 2014
Pacific Brands Sports & Leisure Pty Ltd—Mossimo Boys "Tyler" & "Joker" Jackets...Recall 2014/14123 26 May 2014 Blue boys outerwear jackets 3M45BV and 3M45ZG (Mossimo Boys Tyler jackets) 3M45AV and 3M45ZB (Mossimo Kids Joker jackets) 3M45BV and 3M45ZG (Mossimo Boys Tyler jackets) 3M45AV and 3M45ZB (Moss
26 May 2014
Harris Scarfe Pty Ltd—Bulls Head Men’s Black Regular & Short Leg Jeans...Recall 2015/14810 10 Jul 2015 Bulls Head Men’s Black Regular & Short Leg Jeans 3013HS & 3013HS-S 3013HS & 3013HS-S The dye used in the manufacture of the pocket linings of these jeans may have contained hazardous azo-dyes. Expert
10 Jul 2015
Best & Less—Underworks Men's 5 Pk Business Socks - Assorted Pack...Recall 2015/14815 14 Jul 2015 Underworks Men's 5pk Business Crew Sock - Taupe/Grey/Brown colourways only M21589BL 9327446362358 202606 9327446362365 202607 M21589BL93274463623582026069327446362365202607 The dye used in the manufacture o
14 Jul 2015